Easy, flexible AC current measurements in any distribution network application

For in and outdoor MV/LV substations, power metering, building submetering and power quality monitoring, split-core LEM ART and ARU Rogowski coils, measure AC currents up to 300000 A with accuracy class 0.5 with fast clip-on mounting whilst cable is connected. LEM AI-PMUL integrator ensures an efficient Rogowski coil output signal acquisition.

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ART & ARU Series
  • Accuracy Class 0.5 without calibration
  • Rated insulation voltage 1kV CATIII
  • Thin (ART)
  • Ruggedized, UV, water, dust and ice resistant for outdoor installations (ARU)
  • IP57 (ART), IPx8 (ARU)
  • Electrostatic shield
  • Operating range: -40°C to +80°
  • 2mm (ART) and 2.4mm (ARU) hole to pass security seal

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AI-PMUL Series
  • Provides a linearity error below 0.1%
  • Offers ease of selection between 12 current ranges, 6 Rogowski coil sensitivities and 6 possible outputs (TRMS and instantaneous, current and voltage)
  • DIN rail mounting

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